Usability Reports

What is a Usabiity Report?

Our usability reports use volunteer usability test participants of varying ages and internet experience to accomplish some specific and basic tasks on your live website and summarize their measure of success including the average lengths of time required to accomplish the given tasks. An example of a simple, common (yet, integral) task is to find one method of communicating with the company or website owner. How long does it take a potential customer to locate necessary contact information?

In addition, the Usability report uses 2 methods to provide a professional analysis of basic site construction and function. We validate your website code, test your website download time and run a W3C Usability Checklist, among other points, providing you a professional summary with any necessary recommendations for improvement.

How does it differ from the SEO Analysis?

While our SEO Analysis focuses strongly on content, the usability report focuses on the audience's experience. The SEO Analysis summarizes your website's performance on search engines, but the greatest benefit is when the two are combined. While the SEO Analysis is performed on a monthly or quarterly basis, the Usability report is generally performed only twice.

How would it benefit my website?

Following usability guidelines during the planning process guarantees your website's quality, combining it with a knowledge of search engine ranking techniques enhances the content of your website, meeting at least two goals in one process. Caring for your customers' experience on your website and aiming for specific search engine ranking results together greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing tool.

Sample Usability Report



$100 Usability Report

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