Usability facilitates accessibility for your customers and potential clients as well as search engines. It specifically attracts and retains customers, ensures a properly working website and makes it easy to use. It is about improving customer satisfaction and increasing availability of information. Having a clean, usable website also saves money by making it easy to maintain.

Incorporating usability into a website means to include within the planning phase and throughout development, actual end-user review as well as professional review. The best person to test the new design is a customer or potential website visitor. From concept to launch, the primary focus of a usable design is the end-user's experience including but not limited to information, aesthetics, content and task completion.

Our Usability Reports are designed to fit your budget and timeframe and provide a sufficient overview of any design faults to point you in the right direction for restructure and redesign. The usability study consists primarily of gathering test participants and judging how effectively they can accomplish some regular tasks (such as locating contact information). The report also provides a simple design analysis, providing suggestions for improvement.

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In 2006, there was a class-action lawsuit brought against Target by the National Federation of the Blind, for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act and two California civil rights statutes. Since October 2007, national retail websites are required by California law to be accessible.

Not only does making your website accessible to people with disabilities enhance your community standing and customer base, but it also naturally facilitates search engine spidering, increasing your search engine rankings. Ensuring accessibility consists of several general guidelines:

  • Alt Text
  • Color
  • Language (i.e., HTML or other)
  • Style Sheets (or lack thereof)
  • Dynamic Content
  • Moving Images and Graphics
  • Content writing
  • Table row and column headers

Since 1998, all federally-funded programs are required to ensure accessibility of all IT developments, including internet and intranet websites.

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