SEO Analysis

What is an SEO Analysis?

Our SEO Analyses provide a general overview of your website's current rankings, indexed pages, incoming links, and website traffic (where available) and reports on your website's content, including keyword density, code validation and any suggestions for improving your current positions for a given set of keyword phrases. We include descriptions of important aspects of your website's content and code and how they affect your search engine rankings.

How does it differ from the Usability Report?

While the usability report provides a strong focus on the customer's experience, SEO Analysis focuses on content, keywords and how those customers get to your site. The Usability Report summarizes your website's qualitative attributes, but the greatest benefit is when the two are combined. While the Usability report is performed only once or twice, the SEO Analysis is performed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How would it benefit my website?

Having quality content on your website is important to customer satisfaction, but writing code and content to also accommodate the search engine spiders assists more potential customers in landing there in the first place. Caring for your customers' experience on your website and aiming for specific search engine ranking results together greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing tool.

Sample SEO Analysis



$100 Usability Report

$100 SEO Analysis