Organic SEO

The goal of Organic SEO is to increase your website traffic in the hopes of increasing sales. The process involves streamlining your site to make the highest quality and most meaningful content available to the search engine spiders. This involves minimizing code, maximizing content and frequently updating. Organic search engine optimization is not a one-time deal, it evolves with algorithm updates and competition and it continues for as long as you find value in it. This includes monthly reports on:

  • search engine ranking performance
  • indexed pages
  • incoming links
  • total website traffic

To prepare for your search engine optimization campaign or consultation, consider your competition and gather a keyword-phrase list. Your keyword list is integral to content and goal development. SEO is not simple or magical; you must know what to expect. No SEO company can guarantee #1 rankings, nor will you see overnight results.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a service we provide to place ads on search engines for you. You choose the keywords, set a spending amount and watch your website hits grow almost instantly. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad to get to your site. It does not guarantee a new loyal customer, or a return on your investment. It simply gets your website the desired exposure and reaches most of your target audience, depending on the accuracy of your keywords, how much money you spend and how competitive your industry.

You can manage your own pay-per-click campaign, but it should be monitored closely to measure any results and make modifications where necessary, especially if you or your PPC Company suspects any click-fraud.

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